Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guy-Candy and the Moment of Truth

I just returned from a short jaunt to Orlando. My day-job business requires me to go up there for a night every two months, but this time I spent two nights and mixed in a little pleasure. The Man came with me and we saw 30 Seconds to Mars at the House of Blues (I know, you’re jealous bwahahaha). I luuuuurve 30 Seconds to Mars – their music. I never really paid attention to the actual band and its members. I was very impressed. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to!
Jared Leto

What I didn’t realize is lead-singer Jared Leto is an actor. I was so impressed with his showmanship, I did a quick Google check today and without the pink Mohawk and make-up, his pretty-boy face was slightly familiar. I like him better as lead-singer. He rocked the show last night! The House of Blues is a small venue and he took advantage of it for crowd involvement. He even body-surfed right over to where I stood and I helped him up on the little platform right in front of me. Yeah, I feel like a giggly school girl.

Talking about school girls… We were among the oldest in the crowd. Most others even close to our age were there with their daughters. And there were lots of screaming girls. A girl behind me – she couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 – kept yelling, “I love you, Jared!” Guess what I found out today? He’s MY age!!! So, that’s kind of gross for her. Does she realize he could be her father????

William Levy - Delish!
It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real crush on a celebrity. Recently, though, I discovered William Levy. Yeah…YUM!!! Now I may have to add Jared Leto. Watch out for him and 30 Seconds to Mars – with that kind of musical talent and the ability to work the crowd like that, they’ll be HUGE before long.

Our hotel room was just above the pool of a resort-style complex that Orlando is famous for (everybody is there on vacation). There were lots of people sitting by the pool and, of course, many were reading. I had the thought of how weird it would be to someday see someone reading my book.

A little while later, I received an email from an FWA friend and she mentioned another self-pubbed author whose wife was recently at the doctor’s office and saw a guy reading her husband’s book. And my friend said, “How cool would that be?!”

So I started thinking about it even harder and a couple different scenarios played out in my head.

Scenario #1
Me: Hey, is that a good book?
Reader: Yeah, it’s awesome! I can’t put it down.
Me: Do you know the author?
Reader: No. She’s new.
Me (holding out hand): Well, now you do.

And we proceed to talk about how great my book is and I sign it.

Scenario #2
Me: Are you enjoying the book?
Reader (making a face): No, it’s crap. Terrible writing, no plot and the characters are boring. I don’t even know if I can finish it.
Me: Bolts out of there before the dam of tears bursts.

I’m such a baby. I’d really want to know more specifics. Maybe that person doesn’t read my genre. Maybe they were expecting something else. Maybe they don’t read English. Or maybe I could glean useful feedback to improve my writing. But no, I would run, hide and cry.

For all you writers, imagine that you see someone at the doctor’s office or by the pool reading your book. Do you strike up a conversation? Acknowledge it only with a little smile to yourself? Hide behind a magazine and hope they don’t look at the author’s photo? What would you do if/when that moment of truth comes around?


  1. scenario #2 isn't even an option! put it out of your head!!glad you had fun at HOB!

  2. Oooooh!!!!! I'm so JEALOUS!!! And you touched him when he was body surfing!!!!!!!


    And to answer your question, if I saw someone reading my book I think I would cry tears of joy. And maybe run over and hug them. They would think I'm crazy!!

  3. Don't forget Lilah's LAST LINES BLOGFEST. I look forward to reading yours. Come read mine. I had to post early due to work. Roland

  4. Thanks, Alison. I'd love to think #2 is not an option, but I know not everyone will love my book, or even like it. But I still WANT everyone to love it.

    Crystal, um, aren't writers crazy anyway? Even without hugging perfect strangers?

    Roland, thanks for the reminder - to me and everyone else. =) I will be there and I'll check yours out. I <3 blogfests! Sorry you have to work on Saturday...I will be, too, but at least it will be on book and writing stuff (for the first time this week).

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

  5. I have had a crush on Jared Leto ever since he was on My So-Called Life :)

  6. Jared Leto is the lead singer? I never knew that! Okay, so I've only really heard of the actual band, not really their music or seen many pictures of them. But still, I didn't realise he was a singer too. You learn something new every day! Wow though, lucky you!! :D

    If I was ever a lucky duck with a published novel and saw someone reading - I'd be all sneaky and walk behind them to peer over their shoulder to see how far into the book they are. If they've made reasonably significant progress, they can't think too badly of it otherwise they probably would have stopped reading. Then I think I'd go with your totally suave conversation #1. We'll gush together and they beg for a photo with me which I willingly oblige and we exchange twitter ID's and they'll get everyone to follow me and everyone will read my book and I'll make the bestseller list and then my twitter will be suspended because I'll have too many followers and the site can't maintain my awesomeness and.... *thinks I've rambled enough* well a girl can dream!

  7. ROFL, Brodie! Seriously, I am laughing out loud. Great answer! And yes, a girl can dream!


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