Friday, June 11, 2010

Five for Friday

I'm feeling a little brain-dead after all the excitement this week. So I'm keeping it simple (but hopefully not lame haha).

Five things you should know about Promise:
  1. It's not, I repeat NOT Young Adult. Older YA readers will enjoy it (and some have already), but if you're looking for a squeaky-clean book for children, this is not it. There seems to be a misconception that it's YA and I don't want parents mad at me for exposing their innocent kids...or readers writing about how shocked they were with it.
  2. It's basically a prologue for the rest of the series. Part of the misconception might be because Alexis is 18 when the story starts. By the end, she's 20 and very much an adult through the rest of the series. Promise introduces the characters and some of the mythology, while sharing the love story between Alexis and Tristan. I'll be doing a guest post for Tynga's Paranormal Summer Fest on June 23rd, with a more in-depth explanation.
  3. Promise will be available widely starting the end of July, including on (paperback and Kindle),,, iTunes/iBooks, Smashwords, etc., as well as through indie and chain bookstores.
  4. But, you can only pre-order Promise through the website:
  5. All pre-orders will be signed and include a discount coupon for an e-book version, so you can keep your signed copy pretty and nice.

Next week may be a little crazy. I'm making my bi-monthly trip to Orlando for the day job, along with everything else going on in prep for Promise's release, while also working hard on Purpose. Knowing the ending of Promise, I'm pretty sure readers will be anxious to know what happens. (I'll be hiding in a bullet-proof safe room until book two's release.) So, if I'm a lame-o blogger next week, at least you've been warned. :-) Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds awesome, can't wait to read it! Don't worry, we forgive you if you don't blog through the craziness!

  2. Dawn, I also read a lot of adult stuff as a YA. It was that or Sweet Valley High (which, I admit, I also enjoyed). And I loved VC Andrews! I don't remember the explicitness of her scenes, though. Mine are pretty explicit. ^.^ What can I say? I want the reader to be pulled into ALL of it! LOL

    Heather, Thanks for the mercy. :) As always, I'll do my best.


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