Saturday, November 20, 2010

Putting a Face to the Name

Do you ever wish you could project the images of your characters in your head to paper? Not just cutting out models or actors that come close, but the exact image you have. Some of you, I know, are talented artists and can do just this. But not me. I can do graphic design with existing objects and fonts and manipulate pictures to an extent. I have absolutely no artistic talent, though.

There are several things in my books that are completely made up by me. I don't mean the story (or...besides the story, which is pretty obvious). I mean actual objects, animals and paranormal creatures. That's why I love writing fantasy - you can create new types of creatures, objects, magical spells, words and even worlds. But there are some I'd really love to see an actual picture of. Just to know what it would look like if it were real.

Well, I was blessed to have won a contest and the prize was a drawing of one of my characters by the extremely talented Elizabeth Mueller (she did a version of Tristan for the Halloween contest a couple weeks ago). For my prize, though, I had her draw a creature that I've been dying to know what it would really look like.

Here's what she came up with:

And go here to find out what it is.

Thanks, Elizabeth!!!


  1. How awesome! Great picture! I do wish I could draw so that I could have a picture of what my characters looked like. But I have no talent for it so I end up clipping and saving pictures! I'm off to find out what this is...

  2. Heather, I do the picture thing, too. The other day, some friends and I were talking about how I envisioned Tristan and I said if you put such-and-such model on top of so-and-so actor on top of another-so-and-so actor... I actually named the model and actors but I won't here because I like people to get their own image of Tristan. Anyway, I got really strange looks because that visual was hilarious...and not at all attractive.


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