Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Living in the Real World

I know I've owed you a post about self-publishing for a couple of weeks. I kinda disappeared since then. Sorry!!! But real life called. I didn't want to tack this on to that important post, so here's what's been going on:

It's already been nearly two weeks since my oldest son graduated high school. Wow! So the week before we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned (because you know how a writer's house can get!). Then we partied, partied, partied. Family from the Midwest came into town and we had a blast with them. Then they had problems getting their flights home because of the tornadoes and storms from Dallas to Chicago. Then I came down with the flu. Then the other two sons got out of school.

Then it was Memorial Day weekend and I got a call from my aunt that hospice was on their way for my grandmother. So I dropped everything immediately so we could spend time with her while she's still coherent. We don't know how long she has. She's survived skin cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer in the last 20+ years. She's definitely a fighter. But then it showed up in her liver and has spread. Now it's in her spinal fluid and brain. Part of her still fights but part of her has accepted, too. I'm trying to accept, but it hurts.

On top of all of that, day-job business has been crazy. Lots of exciting things going on there that leaves me exhausted by the end of the day.

All of that means little time for writing and revising and even less time for blogging. But I've tried to pop in and read blogs when I get a chance. And I'm trying now to get caught up on my own blogging. I'll get that next article up soon. I have some others planned as well because May was also a month of really rockin' sales. Can't wait to share!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you do anything fun? Are your kids out of school yet? How do you get anything done??? If you have any secrets for balance, please do share!


  1. 2009 was a horrible year for me. My father died in hospice after a severe stroke.
    My grandson was born stillborn at 33weeks in the
    Pregnancy. My mother's throat cancer came back and
    Died in hospice. All happened in 2009.
    Memorial day is a reflection of loved ones
    Who are waiting for me one day. I miss them
    But I know they are with God.

  2. Aw, Charmaine, a truly horrible year. HUGS.


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