Sunday, July 11, 2010

And...Time Is Up!

Whew! The writing challenge is over! And I'm WIPped! But I'm quite proud of myself for focusing so intently. I nearly hit my goal and I finally feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes to the WIP.

I have to say, knowing you were all out there was a big motivator. Especially all you first-drafters. To me, the brain dump of the first draft is like driving on an open highway, enjoying wherever the story takes you, the words flying out of the fingers at 90 miles per hour. But trying to fill in a WIP with more words is like trying to parallel-park a big semi-truck in a space meant for a VW Bug. I kept hitting up against the boundaries of the beginning and the end that were already written. So the words didn't come as quickly as they have in the past, but I am definitely happy.

So...what is my final word count?
Starting: 70,718
Ending: 81,040

And Purpose is almost done! Woot!

How did you do? Did you beat me? Comment below with your final word count. If you beat me, I'll make you a little button to put on your blog for bragging rights. :-) And let me know if you want to do this again. Maybe we can make it a "thing."


  1. Time is up already? I lose. I haven't written yet today cause I do better at night. Someone needs to hold a weekend challenge that ends monday morning since I sleep in the morning and stay up late writing. *nods* Maybe I should hold my own challenge, using Mountain Time Zone... hehehe

    So, I didn't work on the rewrite yet because well, I was going to do that today after napping.

    Angel/Demon is now at 24,581. So, 1889 words over the weekend.

    You win.

  2. Way to go Kristi!

    Well, I could say EPIC Fail since I'm on a first draft, but I won't. Why? Because the few words I wrote this weekend would not have happened at all without your challenge.

    My hubby get's very upset when I write on the weekends. Nanowrimo is the only time of the year he allows it without pouting. Oh, wait, he pouts then too, just not as loudly. :)

    So, my starting word count: 4312
    Ending word count: 5890
    For a total of 1578 new words.

    Yeah, kind of sad, but it was in one sitting yesterday morning.

  3. Oh, nice job, Kristie! I managed to write a little over 2,000 words, which is fine with me. Thank you for hosting this!

  4. Dawn, You did NOT lose. You wrote! Yay!! *throws confetti* If we do it again, we'll make it end later. K? K.

    Charity, You're right. Not an epic fail! Nearly 1,600 words in one sitting is frawesome! You're backwards from me - the weekends is about the only time I have to write. Everyone is off doing their own thing. But the man does pout every once in a while. And sometimes loudly. :)

    Ashy, You had a busy work weekend, right? At least you got to write.

    Whatever ya'll wrote, it's more than you had Friday. I was all prepared to spend my entire weekend writing. It was a Thursday night decision, but that's still more time than you guys had. Next time (if we do it again), I'll give lots of notice so we can all train, plan and prepare. :)

    I'm just appreciative for you guys joining in. It was a real motivator. Thank you! Muwah!

  5. Aww.. thanks Kristie! *hugs*
    I was gone part of yesterday anyways. Can I blame my sister? lol I am happy that I finished chapter 7 of the paranormal romance and have chapter 8 started with a different pov than originally planned.

    And double yays for you and your writing. Yay for everyone writing! *throws confettie and not glitter*

  6. Managed to misspell my own name, too...

  7. I completely forgot that my grandparents were coming down from Chicago. And my ending word count is 9,633. Less than 1k, if my memory serves me. And no, I haven't written anything since 6pm....all day, actually. And most of yesterday. An abismal failure. Let's do this again!! :D

  8. What a fantastic initative to have a writing challenge to motivate each other :-)

    Wow, more than 10,000 words, congrats Kristie!

    And now that I have read Promise I can really appreciate knowing Purpose is that closer to the release! ;-) (what, me impatient? ;-p lol)


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