Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Prepare for a Writing Marathon

Last week, I challenged you to a writing marathon. Thanks to everyone who participated! Not only was it a great and much needed kick-in-the-ass to get some words weaved, but it also got me back into the WIP. I've been excited to write every night this week.

For future challenges, or if you just want to have your own writing weekend, here are some tips to keep you strong and focused:

Stay hydrated! Water is good, but coffee's even better. Or tea. Or wine or beer. Whatever your fancy. Just drink LOTS of it.

A warning to all who dare to enter your precious space. Unfortunately, it doesn't deter teens who must rebel against everything! If anyone saw the apology post on my FB, that was my son. He thought it'd be funny to burst through the door and yell, "I'm disturbing you!" Sheesh. At least he apologized...

Chocolate!!! Brownies are my choice, but you can choose whatever form of the food of the gods you prefer. No, I didn't eat the whole pan. In fact, by the time I got to them, 3/4 were gone. Yep...teens.

Don't forget to cut your nails! Mine weren't quite that long...but long enough. Before I could write Sunday morning, I had to trim my nails. Because by the time I crashed Saturday night, I was typing, "I8 cdo9uoldenh'ta beolikefve yhed swaikd 6tyha6t!" Of course, that could have been because I hadn't followed rule #1 enough:

What I do not recommend:

Long-nail-typing is nothing compared to cheek-typing. And drooling may cause electrical shock. So be sure to get at least some Zzzzz's!

So there you have it. Some tips so you, too, can have a successful writing marathon.

So how do you prepare or make it through a long writing streak? Any tips you can share?


  1. Great post. I don't really prepare for marathons. Just open the document and start writing. Wish I had a room to go in with a desk so I could hang a sign on the door. Some day...

  2. I prefer to use yummy food like brownies (or cookies, yes!) as a reward when I finish a marathon.
    It tastes so much better.


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