Friday, January 7, 2011

Smart Ways to Use Twitter & Facebook

I read a lot of articles about using social media as a writer - to network with other writers and industry professionals, to grow your "tribe," to promote your books, even to research for your stories. Tips for blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting.

Not too often do I come across new, helpful information that those of us who already actively blog, tweet and Facebook (like most of us here) don't already know. It's usually, "Follow others and comment," "Share tips and links in your tweets" and "Establish a Facebook fan page." Yeah. Duh. Know it. Do it. Love what it's done, but I want more!

The past few days, I've hit some really good stuff. Good as in Ghiradelli-brownies good...or Starbucks-caramel-java-chip-frappaccino-with-whip-cream good...good as in Dimitri-Jace-Tristan-Peeta-Gale-Brothers-of-the-Dagger-all-rolled-into-one good. Okay, maybe not that good. That's like fangirl heaven!

Anyway, here are some great articles and blog posts for those of us already in the know looking for more:

Also, a few other good articles for writers, especially those who e/self-pub or are thinking about it:
Please let me know of any other articles you've found particularly helpful!


  1. i'm going to have to read all these when i get the chance. thanks for posting the links.

  2. Wow these are good! Thanks for putting them together for us!

  3. There's a morning's reading here, thanks. I'll keep the link for this and come back to them.


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