Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MarNo - March Novel Writing Month

So Dawn Embers twisted my arm and promised me cupcakes if I did the March Novel Writing Challenge (aka MarNo), so I thought very hard about it, chewed my fingernails off as I worried about the consequences of failure and spent many sleepless nights debating whether or not to participate. Okay, that's all a lie.

Actually, she just happened to mention it on Twitter last night (because like a bad follower - who's been on deadline, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it - I didn't catch it on her blog). And I said, cool, that's actually something I can do.

My plan was to write a novella this month anyway. Even after finishing the first draft of Book 3, I'm still in the zone. That ever-elusive creative place that I don't want to waste just because I finished a WIP. And this novella was next in line anyway and I figured while I write it, Book 3 can "rest" before I go back for revisions. The characters are starting to speak loudly in my head, so I'm ripe for this project.

I've never been able to do NaNoWriMo because November is just a horrible month for such insanity and last year it was right before Purpose's release. All my free time was spent on the business and marketing side of being an author. So I'm excited to participate in my first major group write-a-thon.

My goal: Finish the novella or, if it turns into a novel (because the ideas have been flowing so heavily, it just might), at least 40K. I'd go more, but I do have to do some editing on Book 3 by the end of the month.

Want to join us? Dawn has a sign-up here. You don't have to write. You can revise instead. And your goal can be whatever you want it to be. Just have one and share it so you have something to work toward.

If you sign up, I'd love to see your goals in the comments!


  1. good luck, Kristie! I've also signed up for MarNo--hoping to get this WIP done (at 50K, I'm hoping. Oh please god let me write a "long" novel.)

  2. I've always thought November was the absolute WORST month (except maybe December) for NaNo. But this MarNo, now that's something I could get behind! I'm off to sign up! :)

    Oh, and my goal will be to write the manuscript for Book 2 of the series I'm working on. I drafted Book 1 in about 35 days, so I think I have a chance....

  3. Thanks, Ashelynn! Good luck to you, too! You can do that "long" one! Um...yeah, that can be taken in so many ways...hopefully you know what I mean.

  4. K.C., I know. I never understood the logic of November. I know it first started in Cali and the November weather somehow made sense to them - too cool to be at the beach, I guess. But March is, too. Well, not here, but really, it's still part of winter and not much going on except, perhaps, Spring Break. Perfect month for writing. Glad you're joining in! Best wishes on hitting your goal!


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