Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spank Me

I know, mama blog, I've been a bad blogger. I haven't posted here in a while and I really don't know why. Except that I'm writing a novella for MarNo. And editing book 3. And trying new marketing ideas for Promise and Purpose. And running two businesses. And cooking and cleaning (well, one of those is a lie). And planning a high school graduation...and sports...and prom. And somewhere in there, I basically collapsed from exhaustion.

Wait, before you get all excited and mama-worried, I didn't actually collapse, as in fall down, faint, etc. But my body and brain pretty much told me, ENOUGH! I mean, it absolutely refused to function more than absolutely necessary for nearly a week. I wrote a few words, took care of clients and cooked a meal or two, but that's it. The rest of the time I slept and read. I had no energy to do anything more.

I've never had that happen before and I'm still trying to recover. I almost wonder if it's more than exhaustion, but I have this thing about doctors. I should probably go, but...well, maybe soon. ish. If things don't drastically improve.

I can say the afternoon at the spa certainly helped things. I've never done that before - go to the spa - and OMGoodness - ALL goodness - do I recommend it. I just wish I could do it again. Like right now. Much rather that than the doctor. And it probably costs less than the doctor, too. sorry I've been a bad blogger, mama-blog. If you think I deserve a spanking, go for it. Maybe it'll wake me up.

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  1. bad blogger indeed. give yourself some grace. take all the time you need. and docs aren't so bad. my husband is a doc. sorry you can't fly in to see him.


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