Saturday, April 2, 2011

MarNo Fail?

I started March Novel Writing Month with an attainable goal: Write my novella or, at least, 40,000 words. Based on my past first-draft writing experiences, I thought it would be easy and I'd even be done ahead of time so I could go back and start rewriting Book 3. Ha! Man plans, God laughs.

Life went a little crazy. Day-job business got slammed. And then there was the horrible disaster in Japan and I couldn't just sit by and think, "I wish I could do something" when I actually could. So I poured myself into the Indie Author Relief Fund auctions. Not that I think God laughed at that - heavens, no! - but He did laugh at my original self-centered plans.

So, I didn't get the novella done. I didn't even get 40,000 words written. I DID get 33,296 words on the screen. Just a little shy of one goal, but far from the other (finishing). But with everything else I accomplished this month - things much more important than word count and release dates - I don't feel it's a fail.

The rest of the weekend, however, I'm doing a writing marathon. The house and the family are prepared. Housekeeping on blogs and Facebook is done - or at least as good as it's going to get. So I'm going offline and getting this story out of my head.

Did you do MarNo? If so, how did you do? Are you writing this weekend?


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor :)

  2. You still made a lot of great progress. Getting over 30k is still awesome. I didn't make it close to my goal of finished the YA first draft. I did write 6 chapters and added another chapter to a different novel rewrite, which is close to being done finally.

    Thanks for taking part in MarNo. It was fun seeing all the tweets from people during the challenge.

  3. i'm amazed with all that went on that you got in that many words. good for you. have fun writing and i hope you get a lot accomplished. still trying to work out A & T, but getting closer. A is almost nailed.

  4. Thanks, Chrissi! Maybe when I feel good enough about the craptastic words I have right now... LOL

  5. Dawn, I was actually surprised I made that many words. You made some awesome progress, too!

  6. Michelle, I'm amazed, too. LOL Actually, I was surprised I wrote that much when I added it all up. It sure didn't feel like it, but a lot was in the first half of the month, when things were just a little crazy, but not full-on insane yet. =D


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