Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shiny, Cute & Pretty - Blog Awards

Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference. ~Nolan Bushnell
I saw this on Facebook today and had to laugh, because I always get my best ideas while in the shower. And apparently I need to take more showers - perhaps a daylong one - because ideas have been lacking. Both in my writing and even in blogging. I blame it on the double-ear infection and sinus infection...and now the drugs I have.
Since I didn't have anything awesome to say about writing this week and because I'm way behind on claiming awards, today is awards day! First, the shiny one:
This one was given to me by both Dawn Embers and JEFritz, on the same day. Thank you, ladies!!! Here are the rules: 
1: Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2: Share seven things about yourself.
3: Award ten recently discovered great bloggers.
4: Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
I never know what to say about myself (maybe I need a shower to come up with some good ideas), but here goes...
1. I used to raise Boxers. I love the breed and we had a lot of fun, but then we had an abnormally large litter (10 vs. the usual 4-6) that was born with an infection and most didn't make it past the first 24 hours. It was too heart-breaking for me to risk again so we stopped breeding.
2.  I hate feet. This started in junior high, I think, when a friend made a comment about how gross feet are. I'd never paid attention until then, but then I couldn't NOT notice how right she was. Ever since, I can't stand them.
3. I have an adult child. Aack!!! This isn't new - it happened last October when my oldest turned 18 - but it still freaks me out. Especially as we're planning for graduation right now.
4. A writer's mistake that drives me crazy: "try and [do something]" - no, you try to do it.
5. My favorite color is purple...if you hadn't figured that out yet.
6. I drive a 2006 SLK280. I sometimes feel guilty about having it, but it was my reward for two decades of hard work and driving crap-cars, minivans and other mom-mobiles.
7. 7 is my lucky number, so I'm happy to be done here. =D
Newly discovered blogs I pass it on to (I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to discover new ones, so I'm sharing some old favorites that might be new to you) and since 7 is lucky for me, I'm keeping it at 7.
1. Mindy and the girls at Books Complete Me.
2. Amethyst Daydreams - She says it's an award-free blog, but I can't resist. I LOVE the title and the blog!
3. February Grace at Pitch Slapped. How can you not love that title?
5. A. Victoria Mixon, Editor - Fantastic blog for the writer!
6. Anna Staniszewski - She always has great writing tips and guest bloggers.
7.  Renae Mercado at The Siren's Song - She likes purple. Enough said.

Second, the cute award:

Michelle Gregory gave me this one and it makes me smile. So does Michelle. Thank you, sweety!!! There aren't any rules for this one, so I'll just pass it on:

And now, for the pretty one, which is mine, but I love it and its meaning. It goes to people who are living their purpose.

  1. Right-click the picture to save and post on your blog.
  2. Share one way you are living your purpose.
  3. Share three other things about yourself.
  4. Give the award to at least three other people, including links so we can check out their blogs.
I've already done this, so here are more people I pass it on to:
Whew!!! That was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I'll be doing more Purpose awards soon. I hope everyone has a fab day!


  1. Thank you so much for the Living My Purpose award! I love it! What an original award. I'll be blogging about it next week!

  2. Aww thank you for the award! It's the best, cutest one I've ever seen!

  3. you're welcome and thank you. another easy blog post.

  4. lol

    The feet thins I agree with. I never noticed them until my uncle pointed out that they were kinda gross.

    Oh, is that what an adult child is? Some book being offered up for review talks about the character as an adult child and I had no idea what that meant.

    Aww, thanks for the smile award. You make me smile too!

  5. Thank you for the award, Kristie, so kind of you! I will look forward to posting it as soon as I'm clear headed enough to think up those answers and pass it on! :~) I love your list of 3 C's and would humbly add one more to that list...COOKIES!!!

    Hope you feel better very soon!


  6. So, I just stumbled across your blog via a random Re-Tweet and I will be a regular visitor. I really enjoyed what you had to say regarding blog's being marketing tools simply because they serve to connect an author (and their books) to the public.

    I wanted to comment on this post because I had No idea that there were blogger awards and these are all very lovely! (yay for being a new blogger) Congratulations on receiving them. :)

    Thank you very much for doing what you do.

  7. Awardees, you're all very welcome! Have fun passing them on. :)

  8. Becky, glad you found my blog! Welcome! There are all kinds of awards going around. I'm sure you'll get one in no time. :)


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